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19 April 2007 @ 08:02 pm
1. Anything worth it hurts.
2. Go ahead and run away.
3. At your door.
4. I was ambitious to believe in love.
5. It's nineteen years late for repairs.
6. Shell
7. Thats what everyone's talking about.
8. People tell me I should stay away.
9. Yesterday is dead and over.
10. When I think you'll be watching
11. You still won't let me in.
12. What the hell happened?
13. She's a hurricane.
14. You remind me of
15. When you're around, I'm up in flames.
16. I haven't had this much fun since I discovered I could resent someone.
17. What we had was fantasy.
18. Those restless thoughts that cling to yesterday.
19. I'm not sure who's fooling who, here.
20. Staying won't put these futures back together.
21. I remember when I lost my mind.
22. Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once?
23. A friend who'll tease is better.
24. A place where nobody knows your name
25. God forbid our friends found out what we did.