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11 May 2007 @ 01:28 am
1. The pieces that you broke me into
2. You always go when the wind blows
3. Just to see if you'll save me
4. I should have known by the ice in his eye
5. You whispered something to me
6. I want to be anything except for your mistake
7. With an outstretched hand
8. Lock you up
9. Last call for happiness
10. Let the rain be your applause
11. Martyrs never last this long
12. She knows what's going on
13. If you could only see
14. I wish I was a remedy
15. Strike up a conversation
16. There's not a lot of me left anymore
17. I know you tried your best
18. You can cry; no one's looking at you
19. I was never one to trust
20. When the rain washes you clean
21. Don't back out
22. Where did I go wrong?
23. How bad could it be?
24. Still, I'd rather hear even bitter truths
25. Come back another day
Current Mood: calmcalm