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Author: locked_up_panda
Title: Age Old Tea Cup
Rating: PG
Prompt: 14 break
Date: 07/01/06
Summary: Remus breaks his teacup when Sirius comes home after gof.
Pairings: Remus/Sirius
Warning: none
Notes: I’m sad this is my only poem using these two. *Tear*

His tea cup broke


It was his own fault really


He had jumped


But the knock on the door


had startled him


so he broke his tea cup


he would blame sirius


sirius had knocked on the door after all


it was his fault


his favorete tea cup


but he didn’t remember it


they stepped on it later


making there way to the bedroom


a sort of welcome home


it had been years


sense sirius had broken one of his tea cups


he’d replaced almost all of them


but now he’d have to start over


they never cleaned it up


and his favorete tea cup


was never the same

Author: locked_up_panda
Title: The Sky Is On Fire
Rating: PG
Prompt: 15 glow
Date: 07/01/06
Summary: the sky is on fire at the end of the world
Pairings: none
Warning: character death
Notes: from Ron’s point of view in my head

the sky glows


lit up amazingly




or flame




is it bad or good


I can’t tell


The sky is glowing


Lit up


Like the dawn


Like there will be no tomorrow


Perharps there wont be


Maybe this is it


Everything that’s happened


Was leading up to this moment


And we’ll all die


It wont matter


That Harry’s dead


And voldemorts still at it


All my family is gone


Maybe it doesn’t matter


Becouse maybe


Just Maybe the sky lighting up


Is a sign of armageden


It’s the end of the world


And I get to watch the sky light up

Author: locked_up_panda
Title: Scream
Rating: PG
Prompt: 16 scream
Date: 07/01/06
Summary: Percy looks for Oliver after the final battle
Pairings: Percy/Oliver Harry/Draco (had to.
J )
Warning: character death, lots of character death
Notes: this is really morbid, and unlike a lot of them leaves no room for the imagination

he hears a scream


and all is silant


Percy looks around


There are bodys everywhere


Dead bodys


His family


His friends


His friends family


And his family’s friends


There is blood everywhere


And no noise


His eyes search the bodys


Looking for his love


His gaze sees voldemort him self




And next to him Harry


The boys own lover bent over his body


His blond head shaking with tears


Still searching


Still looking


Not finding


He looks and looks


And he starts to run


Run run


As fast as he can


Can’t find Oliver


Can’t stop


He trips


Trips over his body

Author: locked_up_panda
Title: Sneeze
Rating: G
Prompt: 17 sick
Date: 07/01/06
Summary: um, Harry is sick during the finial battle
Pairings: Harry/what was written as Draco but doesn’t have to be
Warning: character death, in a funny way
Notes: written to be comical, not sure if it is

Harry was sick


Durning the final battle


He should have stayed home


The finial battle could have been another day


And Harry could have lived


If he’d stayed home


Instead he sneezed


And missed a waywered spell


And that’s what killed him


Not voldemort


A sneeze


That dulled his senses


I told him to stay home


To stay in bed


Let me go in his place


He insested


More people would die if he stayed


More people would suffer


And now we all must


For voldemort lives on


And a single sneeze


Come with out warning


Had taken our saviour



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